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Lost a top sales BDM from the recruitment process? Here's why...



Sales Managers are under-pressure, under-staffed and under-targets more often than they would like. So, when they have invested time in interviewing a candidate, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is to lose the interest of a high potential BDM from the sales interview process. 

Here are some of the most frequent reasons why sales people withdraw from a recruitment process:

1. Your presentation role was uninspiring. The candidates did not see themselves following-the-leader on a journey to earn, learn and grow personally.

2. Your competition, the Sales Manager at the ‘other’ company is more inspiring. The ‘other’ role they are pursuing is a more attractive opportunity.

3. Their current role is more attractive than the one you have on offer.

4. They do not see enough benefit in the change.

Here are 3 Best Practices to motivate the top sales people to work for you:

1. To win Super Star BDMs and Core Performing Sales Reps over to your team, you must be willing to ‘sell’ the job to them the same way you sell to clients. After all it’s their choice too.

2. At sales interviews, ask questions to discover their interests, goals and motivations (beyond their experiences) and highlight what aspects of the new role best suit them.

3. Cast the vision. Tell candidates what the successful individual can accomplish in the role in a year, how it will have an impact on them, their team and the company. Tell them what they could earn, what opportunities they could be considered for, etc. Roles offering success and significance are hard to refuse if they are credible and other aspects line up.

Typically, Super Star BDMs seek out opportunities to make a big difference and get rewarded for it. Core Performing sales reps seek stability, measured growth and improved working conditions.

A leader with a compelling vision draws followers. Leadership guru John Maxwell says, ‘He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.’

Posted by Pree Sarkar
23/ 02/ 2017 in Performance management, performance analyses, candidates, sales, leadership, self development, team building

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