10 meetings to generate leads this Season

The Christmas and New Year Season is just around the corner. For most businesses, things slow down and people prepare to take time off and travel, perhaps do some home renovation or just relax. People have more time on their hands.

Now is the PERFECT time to meet people who are otherwise too busy through the year. Here are 10 types of lead generating meetings you can have before the Christmas break:

1.   Meet with customers to review the year gone by and the opportunities ahead
2.   Meet with people who were clients at a previous company, but moved on to new companies
3.   Meet with key influencers in your target companies who can refer you to key decision makers
4.   Meet with past colleagues who can make that all important introduction in the future or share valuable information
5.   Meet with sales people from other vendors, who sell into your target market(s) so as to trade information
6.   Meet with LinkedIn connections who might be able to offer valuable information or introductions
7.   Meet with people with whom you exchanged business cards at a networking function, seminar or trade show earlier this year
8.   Meet with clients who have become inactive over the last six to twelve months
9.   Meet with people who are new in your client organisation and could be potential customers
10.    Meet with replacements for previous key contacts in companies, before they form strong alliances with competitors.

Pick up that phone and book those appointments. Speed up when others slow down this Christmas and get ready to enjoy big results on the other side of your well deserved break!

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