10 ways to nurture leads

Would you walk across the room and ask a complete stranger to marry you? Not likely. Surely, you would invest in building and nurturing a relationship before you popped the BIG question.

This principle is no different when applied to the process of winning new customers. Sales and Marketing Gurus cite that it can take up to 9–12 positive impressions to get a buying decision from a customer!

In any lead generation exercise, you will face one of three scenarios after making contact – Yes, No or Not now. We love the ‘Yes’, hate the ‘No’ and are usually unsure of what to do with the ‘Not now’. You can significantly improve your sales results if you determine to nurture the ‘Not now’ responses.

So, what should you do with ‘Not now’? I suggest that you gain permission to communicate with them in the future. This enables you to build the relationship and continue to create positive impressions.

Here are 10 things you can do to nurture leads:

  1. Send them useful information (not about your products)
  2. Send them samples of your products
  3. Share testimonials from your customers
  4. Show results of your work with other clients (after getting permission from those clients)
  5. Make them offers to trial your service
  6. Provide leads for their business
  7. Introduce them to people who may be able to help them
  8. Invite them to tradeshows, tours, demonstrations and events
  9. Include them in contests and promotions
  10. Give them something FREE!

Lead generation must be an on-going, nurturing process to generate sustainable and incremental sales results. So, if you don’t get a ‘Yes’ immediately, don’t be disheartened, be prepared to nurture the ‘Not now’s’.

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