3 common mistakes recruiters make (and how this impacts you)


What do you think of recruiters?

Like any professional service (real estate sales, used car sales, lawyers) the recruitment profession is marred with it’s fair share of horror stories.

Three common mistakes recruiters make:

  1. They do not understand the role and its problems and therefore cannot make the best selection for the client.
  2. They have a very short-term, transactional approach, which puts long-term, successful people off.
  3. The recruitment consultant does not have the professional experience to engage people at the level required. They will not be seen as a Trusted Advisor and therefore are not in the position to influence the candidate to pursue the role

These issues usually start showing up as cracks at the interview stage and then further on, through to offer management.
Top Sales Performers can lose faith in the employer because of an incompetent recruiter.

4 Best Practices to find a Top Sales Recruiter

  1. Work with recruiters who have been successful sales professionals themselves, when you are seeking to recruit Top Sales Performers.
  2. At the briefing stage, ensure that they understand the role, the Manager and the company culture extremely well.
  3. Invest in one or two relationships at the most but commit to the long term and in return ask them to demonstrate the same through warm-benching strong and suitable candidates.
  4. Be as transparent as is possible not just about selection criteria and role responsibilities, but also about the problems that need to be solved and the desired outcomes in 12 months.

Finding the right partner is critical to your success, because they will make or break the chain of sourcing for the talent you are trying to find, keep and grow.