Develop a winner’s mindset

“Come get me!” was Usain Bolt’s challenge just before he took his starting position in the 200 meter finals at the World Athletics Championship in Berlin. In 19.19 seconds, he set a new World Record, beating the previous World Record he had set exactly a year ago at 19.30 seconds!

Take a guess. Based on what he said, what do you think his mindset was just before the race? Was it – I’m going to succeed or I’m going to fail? The former, most definitely.

Now, lets think about the things you are striving to achieve. It may be buying a home, achieving a big sales target or even generating a valuable sales lead. What is your mindset? Is it “I’m going to win, no matter what it takes” or “I’m going to fail, this is too hard”?

Your mindset will affect your efforts. Your efforts determine your results.

So, even if you have made 19 unsuccessful phone calls this week and are feeling the weight of rejection, pick up the phone, change your mindset and keep trying!

After the race, Bolt told the media “I was trying, I was dying. It wasn’t a good race I can say but it was a fast one.”

If the reward is worth pursuing, get over your setbacks, change your mindset and do everything you can to achieve your goals. The very pain you are unwilling to bear is the bridge to your greatest achievements.

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