Encourage your sales people to greater success

Leadership guru John Maxwell divides the world into two – those who lift you and those who lean on you. If you were in an elevator with the first half, they take you to the ‘top floor’, while with the others its always ‘basement’!

So, which of the two are you?

There is no doubt that what we think affects how we feel, and what we feel affects how we act. So to improve the actions of those around you, make them think better of themselves, so that they feel better about themselves and therefore act better than they usually do.

Where do you begin? Encouragement. And lots of it.

Take the word apart and you have “En-courage-ment”. As the World English Directory defines it, it is the act of inspiring someone with the courage or confidence to do something.

So, look around you and ask yourself, “What do my sales staff need more courage for?” Perhaps, it is to reach higher targets, handle more rejection, fight greater competition, stay committed when sales cycles get longer, client loyalties seem questionable….

Now, make the commitment to encourage one person at least once a day. From sharing others’ successes in a positive light to noticing the little things that people do well, there is so much that can be used to create a culture of encouragement.

Of the few hundred sales people that I have worked with or employed over the last 15 years, across four continents, not one complained about having too much encouragement or quit a job because of an encouraging culture in the team. In fact, many said that it was the courage to believe that they could do it, that enabled them to go ahead and do what it took to make them successful.

Encouragement builds courage in people. Courageous people achieve great things. Start encouraging people around you today!

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