Grow to grow

As a Sales Manager, now and then, I would be approached by my sales staff to ask for a pay-rise or discuss the possibility of a promotion. Rather than avoid these discussions like some managers, I welcomed them. They presented a great opportunity to help people focus their energies on developing their skills and in turn, achieve their goals.

Time and again, my advice was – “You have got to grow on the inside (skill and ability) to grow on the outside (position and earnings)”. I say this because smart companies reward employees for incremental contributions to their results.

Research conducted by the Sales Executive Institute in the U.S across 2000 sales people, showed that those who got three or more hours of coaching a month, on average achieved 107% of their sales targets!

Whether you are a sales person or entrepreneur building your business, here are a few tips on building your sales skills and abilities, for greater success:

  1. Recognise that you are your greatest asset. Make investments in yourself.
  2. Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Work on one to two areas at a time, all year round.
  4. Seek out learning opportunities strategically.
  5. Apply the skills you learn and convert them into life long abilities.

The TIME magazine, in their lead up article to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, said of Stephanie Rice “The swimmer’s approach to training is a touch obsessive-compulsive”. She went on to win three gold medals (200 m and 400 m individual medleys and 4×200 m freestyle relay) and set world records in each race!

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