Get your Sales Manager's Guide to Maximizing Sales Performance

Here at Searchcraft, we want to make your life as easy as possible. That's why we've developed this Sales Manager's Guide -- so  you can learn how to maximise the performance of your sales team to sell more, faster.

This guide will help you raise the sales performance of your team members:

  1. Learn two ways to maximise sales performance through prioritization and time management
  2. Discover a simple way to leverage the principles behind IBM’s Signature Selling Process to shorten your sales cycle and increase your close ratio
  3. Remove most of the guesswork in forecasting to improve the accuracy of your sales forecast
  4. Leverage the two most important dates in a sales forecast to quickly identify stalled opportunities and respond to developing sales barriers
  5. Create countless teaching moments (as discovered by Oracle), to reinforce best practices, develop new sales skills, and focus a sales rep’s energy to advance and close more opportunities