How to Build Sales Momentum – Part 2

In Part 1, we established that you need to increase your sales activity across the four areas of target databases, leads, prospects and customers.

The next step is to increase your sales impact across these sales activities and measure which ones or combinations work best for you.

Here are some examples of sales activities:

  • Preparing a database from old business cards, directories, eye-balling notes for subsequent follow up
  • Sending out direct mail for subsequent phone follow up
  • Writing and sending ‘Thank you’ notes to make a personal connection with leads you lost or need to call back in the future
  • Sending out ‘stay-in-touch’ emails to reach a large database of inactive customers
  • Making post-sale phone calls to gauge satisfaction and generate repeat sales or referrals
  • Making a product delivery to the customer yourself, to get more information about other potential targets and contacts
  • Meeting with other sales people who cover the same area or industry, to generate cross referrals
  • ‘Eye-balling’ a building list of tenants, street or industrial area to identify your target customers
  • Attending events and functions to build relationships with people in target social and business networks
  • Inviting leads to a specially hosted event for a subject of their interest

Though the activities listed above were all termed ‘sales activities’, not all sales activities are equal because not all of them have the same impact.
 According to a ten-year study at Yale University, communication is:

  • 7% in the words
  • 38% in the tone of voice
  • 55% in body language

Therefore, activities which involve greater interpersonal communication have greater impact. Based on this study, you could reason that emails have 7% impact, whereas telephone calls and face-to-face meetings have 45% and 100% communication impact, respectively.

My advice is to increase your impact to improve your results. This does mean getting better with your email, phone and face-to-face skills, but more importantly, it involves increasing the mix of sales activity towards high impact communication modes. So, if you gravitate to email, try increasing your phone activity. If you gravitate to the phone, try increasing your face-to-face activity. Meeting people face-to-face has the highest sales impact as well as success rate.

Finally, measuring your results in terms of positive outcome from each activity, will help you determine the best mix of activities to get your pipeline full and moving quickly.

In Part 3 of this three-part series, we will look at the one last thing you will need to help you keep this momentum. For now, remember you’ve got to increase your sales impact to improve your sales results.

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