How to Build Sales Momentum – Part 3

In January 2000, I took on a new sales territory from a colleague who’d just had a great 1999 in it. This meant that the year ahead was going to be a tough one for me as most opportunities had already been converted into sales. Nonetheless, I began by making 50% more face-to-face appointments than my past year and focussing on getting in front of people rather than talking on the phone. I also had a great manager who helped me stay on track week-in and week-out.

The result? In the first three months I finished at 110% of my target. Better still, for the rest of the year I was at anywhere between 135-150% of my target. I won sales awards, was sent on overseas sales trips and earned a lot of commission!

My biggest victory was the fact that I had professionally transformed from an average sales contributor to a consistent sales performer. A lot of it had to do with the constant support I received.

Professional athletes know that they need another person to help them stay on track with the effort and training to achieve their goals. They lean heavily on their coaches. Why shouldn’t sales people who want to be professional super-stars, do the same?

A senior sales person or manager, who is willing to give you honest, constructive feedback for improvement is a valuable ally. Ask them to help you to get to your goals and embrace the accountability that comes with the territory.

To summarise this series on how to build sales momentum, you need to:

Step 1: Increase your sales activity across the four areas of target databases, leads, prospects and customers.

Step 2: Increase your sales impact with each activity, in every customer engagement, to improve your results.

Step 3: Increase your accountability with a manager or mentor to stay on track with your efforts to achieve your goals.

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