Silly Season? Think again!

The Christmas and New Year Season is just around the corner. For most businesses, things slow down and people prepare to take time off and travel, perhaps do some home renovation or just relax. People have more time on their hands.

You might recall my definition of the three things that characterise today’s customers – they are short of Time, Attention and Trust. If your potential customers don’t have time, they won’t pay attention to your attempts to engage them and unless they buy something from you, you will not have the opportunity to build trust and a strong relationship.

So, if December and January are the ‘slow months’, they actually present you with a great opportunity! Your customers and target prospects have more time! It is the best time to meet, reflect on the year gone by and talk with them about their plans for the year ahead.

In addition to them having time, you have a reason to meet. This is when most people welcome ‘tokens’ of appreciation from those they have done business with in the past year – cards, gift hampers, luncheons….

Do you see what I see?

Here is my sales formula for the Silly Season:

Customer has time + You have a reason to meet = Strategic opportunity to discover their unmet needs

If you can discover the unmet needs or gaps that your customers and target prospects face within their current state, you could become the bridge to help them cross over to their desired state. Or simply put, if you can find and solve their problems, you win the relationship.

So, get ready to step up your sales activity during December and January! Begin preparing lists of active and inactive customers, lost customers and target prospects. Contact them and start booking out meetings so that you can start the new calendar year with a strong pipeline of prospects and opportunities. That’s why the season is not silly, its strategic!

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