Why learning is attractive to Top Sales Performers?

The CEO asks his Sales Director, “What happens if we invest in developing and training our sales people and then they leave the company?”

The Sales Director answers, “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”

Most people got into the sales profession at the beginning or some stage of their career and have since experienced the good, the bad and the ugly company that expects them to perform well but offers varying levels of training and coaching.

2 Best Practice to appeal to Top Sales Performers learning interests

  1. Discover the candidates’ past learning and development experiences. Find out what they learned, how they learned and what they enjoyed the most.Find out what their career goals are and what future learning will support that.
  2. Demonstrate how you could support their learning goals, were they to come and work for you. For example, an Executive MBA may be part of their learning goals. Tell them how your organisation can provide financial support and time-off to facilitate the goal. Or, they might want to learn new skills onthe-job. Show them how they might be able to work with a senior colleague, a coach or yourself to gain skills in those areas. Your commitment to their personal goals will increase their interest and commitment to your goals.

Stars and Core Performers have discovered that; like professional athletes, continuous improvement is essential to their success. They expect and value continuous training and development so that they can scale new heights of professional success. Offer learning opportunities and they will come.